DermRad™ Anti-Aging Overview

Anti-Aging Skincare: Healthy Derm is the ultimate beauty product. Our trade secret delivery system optimizes your skin’s health and nutritional needs. DermRad™ lets you discover the fountain of youth for your skin.

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Radical Beauty Science

A “Trade Secret” formulation for the anti-aging segment of the cosmetic industry.

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Good chemistry is sexy

A beautiful skin complexion through nutrients. Our product makes it so!

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Love the skin you’re in

Skin is the canvas of your life experiences. Let us bring out the beauty within.

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The Science of Radical Beauty

The compound was engineered with the application of nano technology and is a trade secret formula.

DermRad™: offers nanomaterials and diverse biomedical applications for skincare products.

Nanoparticles offer better atomic interaction, accurate and efficient ingredient delivery in our cosmetics cream for anti-aging skin creams. Nanotechnology incorporation in cosmetic formulation is considered the hottest emerging technology.

Cosmetic companies are looking for ways to use nanoscale size ingredients to provide better UV protection, deeper skin penetration, long-lasting effects, improved complexion, and more.

DermRad™ products were consistently improved over years until perfected. The formula is based upon the scientific studies of botanical compounds which held great promise.

All skin and most other health problems are a result of cell mutation due to toxicity and other stressors (often referred to as free radicals).

The transdermal applications penetrate (systemically) through the skin’s surface and work to eliminate anaerobic and or mutated cells.

Science, Nature & Beauty in Balance

We have spent fifteen years researching, to find scientific abstracts pertaining to non-chemical solutions to replace pharmaceutical agents and have found the “best” and validated with authentic user experiences.