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Nanotechnology and DermRad™

The DermRad™ story started with basic research into cellular nutrition and a NASA project to improve plant growth in space. The discovery of a  “feed” of a complex mixture of essential plant nutrients that resulted in accelerated growth of green plants in space led scientists to investigate if something similar could be done with animals.

We knew that pharmaceutical companies spent many years developing drug delivery technologies to bypass the digestive system or avoid the need for a “jab”. Transdermal delivery of therapeutic drugs has been an area of investigation.

The innovations in the production of nanomaterials and their diverse biomedical applications bring skincare to an unprecedented era.

Due to the protective function of the skin, it suffers many conversions through life such as UV radiation, climate cycles, aging, and accidents that induce significant changes in skin component integrity.

As nanoparticles offer better atomic interaction, accurate and efficient ingredients delivery, DermRad™ utilized it in cosmetics as an antiaging skin cream. Besides skincare, nano cosmeceuticals are massively used in hair repair and conditioning in nano cosmeceutical applications, skin products penetration, and antiaging mechanism of action.

Nanotechnology incorporation in cosmetic formulation is the hot new technology. Cosmetic use of nanoscale size ingredients can provide better UV protection, deeper skin penetration, long-lasting effects, improved complexion and more.

Our emphasis for this is mainly focused on skincare because the cosmetics market sector is where the impact of nanotechnology will be seen as significant.

Nanosizing reduction in the size of the chemical compound allows concentration of active ingredient without increasing the amount required to be ingested/absorbed through the crosslinking casein protein shell. Now it is accepted that the use of nanoparticles (NPs) significantly improves the performance of cosmetics both as an active ingredient and/or a carrier.

To date, nanotechnology has been demonstrated to improve the performance of cosmetics in several different ways:

1) increasing both the entrapment efficiency and dermal penetration of the active ingredient,

2) controlling drug release,

3) enhancing physical stability,

4) improving moisturizing power,

5) providing better UV protection.

Nanotechnology is the science of manipulating the structural entities at nanoscale and beauty based solution is one of the most passionate explorer of nano structures which contemplated as a huge boon in the cosmeceuticals for various beauty solutions.

Cosmeceuticals are cosmetic-pharmaceutical hybrid products that can improve health and skin complexion, control acne, pimples, wrinkles and offer protection to skin from sun damage.

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