Our Approach

The search for secrets for youth and vitality goes back to ancient times.
Today we have a surgical intervention, skin fillers, chemical peels, cosmetic masks, nerve blockers, that don’t address the causes of many diseases and skin aging. The damage from UV radiation, pollution, and stressors, drains the skin of its ability to repair itself..
Despite the claims of multi-billion-dollar skincare companies nothing prevents skin from turning into tissue paper and retards skin from signs of aging. The Outer skin is your largest organ that reflects the condition of your health.
DermRad, the science of basic cell nutrition from NASA space lab research led to our trade secret 450MV and low PH that penetrates a river of biological information that flows under the skin, in which a hodgepodge of proteins squeezes through interstitial fluid surrounding the cells to infuse formulation of minerals and essential nutrients to rebuild collagen and remove free radicals and strengthen immune systems. We bypass the supplements, swallowed through strong stomach acids have minimal effect.

DermRad trade secret emulsion delivers super REDOX, minerals, copper, zinc, superoxide dismutase (SOD) antioxidants. CoQ10 mitochondrial energy to fight against inflammation. It makes skin fuller, more elastic, eliminating wrinkles in aging skin.

Our Advantage

Facelift in a Jar!

Years in the making! DermRad brings the science of beauty and anti-aging to the skin care market.  The Free Radical Optimized Stasis Technology employed by DermRad™ is a proprietary mixture of essential minerals, nutrients, proteins, and lipids that penetrate the epidermis to the subcutaneous layers of the skin.  Essential nutrients, anti-oxidants, minerals and lipids are delivered directly to the point of need.  Free radicals are neutralized before they damage vital cell functions thereby limiting cell damage and minimizing the aging process.

“DermRad™ Gives Back What Time Has Taken Away”

DermRad™’s initial product, FROST facial cream, addresses the physical effects of aging:

  • Wrinkles      
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Age spots
  • Frown and Laugh Lines
  • Sagging skin and Jaw line
  • Elephant Skin

DermRad™ will follow quickly with a family of skincare nutraceuticals incorporating FROST technology

  • Anti-aging skin cream
  • Body moisturizing anti-aging lotion
  • Suntan lotion
  • Sun moisturizer
  • Scalp treatment hair re-growth product
  • Spa Treatments

DermRad™ was founded to deliver topical nutraceutical products to enhance our customers’ sense of well-being and improve their health.   Beauty, Science and Nature in balance. 

DermRad Logo

Backed by extensive scientific research FROST™ anti-aging product incorporates basic cell nutrition discoveries from NASA space lab research into a disruptive topically applied nutraceutical.   Nutraceuticals are natural bioactive compounds that have health-promoting, disease-preventing functions.  DermRad™ is the first product in 35 years that combines science, nature, technology and Redox energy in its exclusive formulation that has women exclaiming its virtues.

Our Story

We are living in our own future. Advancing beauty technology has radically changed skincare. An age of discovery and information, that needs to be shared. The world is changing, let’s make sure it’s for the better.

Our FROST technology solves the problem’s attendant to aging and deteriorating health by preventing excess free radicals from oxidizing sensitive biological molecules or reducing the formation of excess free radicals.

We compound FROST with other (carrier) nutritional and beneficial, vetted and carefully selected ingredients from around the world (the products are formulated, compounded and packaged in the US, the only ingredients that are sourced internationally are those that are not available in the US).

Meet the Team

Great professionals from all over the world who have chosen to make the planet a better more beautiful place to live, learn, & love.

Contact us at info@dermrad.com

Next Steps…

The science behind the beauty is worth sharing. You can help make a difference in how people feel about themselves.

We want you to join us on this journey.